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About Mawa

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Hi everyone

I welcome you to my postnatal management website. I hope you enjoy the visit.

As a medical doctor who has been involved in the care of women since leaving medical school i have had the privilege of being involved in one of the most exhilarating events in the human race- The phenomenon of aiding in the bringing forth of a new life on earth and i have come to enjoy the fantastic and refreshing feeling women experience with this life changing event of motherhood but at the same time it has also brought to the fore the challenges that they face navigating through the problems of the postnatal period.

The journey to motherhood care

As a young man i have always being fascinated by nature especially as it concerns the birth process and the intricate phenomena associated with the process and the stories of the difficulties associated with this process has being enigmatic peeking my interest in this area of endeavor and a desire to improve on the weird, funny and sometimes frightening stories i have been regaled with has led to a focused attention in seeking ways of assisting people to navigate their problems and medicine has naturally come as a calling which i have devoted my life to and i have being enjoying every bit of it and have continued to focus my attention to addressing those postnatal problems that have been a continuous source of fear and anxiety.

These challenges are the driving force behind the creation of this postnatal management website to be able to offer the best care to couples especially in the postnatal period which is one of the most stressful stages within the motherhood cycle especially as it relates to the postnatal experiences,

It’s gonna be OK

Here we offer couples, intending/expectant mothers and those mothers already going through the postnatal phase the knowledge, attitude and practices that will guide and offer a smooth transition through the postnatal phase of motherhood, The knowledge to highlight their expectations during the post delivery phase and take actions on those expectations removing the fear and anxiety associated with the delivery process.with a resultant ultimate outcome.