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How To Lose Postpartum Belly Fat Fast

The Genesis Postpartum belly fat develops after pregnancy due to the impact of your pregnancy on the muscles and fascia of the anterior abdominal wall. As your uterus enlarges with the gradual increase in the size of your baby to accommodate the pregnancy, your pregnancy starts exerting pressure and tension on your abdominal muscles with resultant diasthasis recti of your…

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Postpartum Weight Loss- Impact of Diet and Exercise

Role of pregnancy Weight gain in pregnancy is a normal physiological event that is necessary for your baby’s proper growth and development. Postnatal weight loss is a desirable outcome for you to pursue following delivery. Lack of weight gain in pregnancy is an abberation and an abnormality the cause of which you should seek answers to as it could lead…

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About Mawa

Hi everyone I welcome you to my postnatal management website. I hope you enjoy the visit. As a medical doctor who has been involved in the care of women since leaving medical school i have had the privilege of being involved in one of the most exhilarating events in the human race- The phenomenon of aiding in the bringing forth…

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