Postpartum Tea – Ijele To The World
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Teas are a very important aspect of our lives and come in different compositions, flavours and varieties and serve differing purposes in our daily life , some are elixirs and some are frankly part of healthy living and has become a staple in our daily lives, activities and healthy living package

Teas perform different functions and are tailored towards that effect with their make and composition and hence serve a purpose which may be curative medicinally, health boosting or prophylactic to the body system

The postpartum tea has been designed to serve as a bridge to a faster return to normal health following a delivery and a simplification of the delivery of the natural herbs and spices and elixirs traditionally consumed by mothers to aid their return to full health and faster return to activity following delivery and also for the proper management of the postpartum period both physically mentally and medically.

The origin of teas

The tea plant originated most probably from china around 2700BC or even earlier as teacups have been found to exist around China , Tibet and Northern India before this time and people have been known to chew the tea leaves for medicinal purposes even before it became classically prepared in form of a beverage.

The word tea has come to symbolise beverages that may not necessarily contain the tea plant as the word has gained universal acceptance and especially herbal beverages has been described as tea drinks even though they may not contain classically the plant tea or its leaves.

Benefits of herbal teas

Herbs have been known for centuries and it is the origin of pharmaceutical formulations we know today as drugs and is still used world wide for the prevention and treatment of different kinds of diseases and has now

been found to be effective even more so in certain human disease conditions.

As more and more people loose faith in the big pharma because of the politicization, corruption and the excessive profiteering going on with big pharma the place of herbs and it’s use and utilization becomes ever more important and the need for people to understand the use and benefit of locally available herbs and how to use it to take care of common ailments becomes more paramount in our lives.

it has been proven that herbal teas can be used to boost the immune system , can help address inflammatory conditions like arthritis and can actually be used to protect against and even fight off cancer and also can address some heart diseases hence herbal teas are a worthwhile healthy investment and drinking herbal teas daily has been shown to improve all the health parameters studied and has also an effect on longevity.

Herbs are also beneficial to the body because they are prepared fresh daily and hence do not have the need for the preservatives and other contaminants and carcinogens used as preservatives in conventional pharma preparations and hence supplied fresh and free to the body on a daily basis either as fresh leaves or dried components that are used in teabags.

The ijele postpartum tea

Postpartum teas are designed to offer nursing mothers the ability to use naturally occurring herbs that has been proven for ages to aid quick return to health and activity with fewer downtimes.

Over the ages in the traditional societies women who are nursing are expected to take care of other home activities in addition to helping their partners hence the post partum period is encouraged to be without events that will hamper this recovery and these roots and herbs have been proven for centuries to aid in this return hence their use.

Ijele postpartum tea is a blend of 9 naturally occuring herbs native to the igboland in south eastern Nigeria. They have been blended to become an alternative to the powerful “mmiri ji” or “mmiri oku” that have helped women of this region for centuries to return to health faster following delivery and prepared in a pack that is easily deliverable and handy and to offer the benefits to the world as one of the contributions of this region to the world.

It has been studied to know how they do this function and severally they have been found to

  • Improve lochia flow and enhance the involution of the uterus and return quicker to its pre pregnant status.
  • it has also been noted to improve breast milk flow helping the mother in initiating breastfeeding and maintaining it, helping in nursing.
  • The ijele postpartum tea also has an impact on inflammation surrounding the birth canal and in conjunction with sitz bath helps in healing the traumas to the birth canal with rapid healing of episiotomies and other lacerations that occured to the birth canal during the birth process.
  • Drinking ijele tea relaxes the nerves and aids in sleep and rest . This has been found to be of benefit to those suffering from anxiety and depression in the postpartum period.
  • The tea is a detoxifier eliminating the toxins acquired throughout pregnancy and has been found useful in the management of the weight gain and the excess water accumulated during pregnancy as it helps in shedding the excess water helping the mother lose gained weight in the immediate postpartum period.
  • There has also been claims by mothers of contraceptive effects of the tea as they report that so long as they have been on the tea they were protected from pregnancy . This may be as a result of the contraceptive effect of breast milk as breast milk flow and adequate breast feeding is contraceptive and as the ijele postpartum tea helps in initiation and maintenance of lactation this effect may be complimentary.


Postpartum teas are a refreshing take on the management of the postpartum period as it packs the complete recovery of a nursing mother in a simple, single pack and ijele tea has been packed with the age old science of our ancestors into a simple affordable pack to deliver the utmost benefit to women who are nursing and it helps to make the nursing period effortless and free of many untoward events that usually bedevil this critical period of a woman’s life.

This benefit comes with a shortened duration of return to normal health as it has always been in the olden times without recourse to the problems of present day living being a hindrance to this timely return to perfectly normal health.

The ijele postpartum tea has been formulated with the herbs from igboland in eastern Nigeria that has helped the women of this region to maintain their health and wellness throughout the ages following childbirth.

Its effectiveness continues to ring through till date and tea lovers will find it an immense addition to their health and even non tea lovers will marvel on consuming it at the benefits it packs for a nursing mother that it is indispensable to their full return to activity following delivery.

Dr mawa.


  • Ryan
    Posted January 10, 2024 7:11 am 0Likes

    This is a tea I had never heard of before, growing up tea was big in our house, and apart from standard English breakfast or black tea, I also enjoy green and dandelion tea, my wife will have camomile as a medicinal tea now and then.

    That there is actually a tea that helps women recover from birth faster is fascinating, how did you come to learn about this? 

    I do like that you have included some other uses for this too, like aids sleep and rest, and a very good point that it has benefits for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

    Very interesting article and enjoyable to read, especially for a tea drinker like myself!