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The Best Wearable Breast Pump – Willow

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Breastfeeding is a full time job.

To have the ability to completely and efficiently nurse a baby is a herculean task hence mothers need all the time, space and freedom to be able to do this effectively and also have the time to attend to all the other numerous activities expected of a nursing mother aside taking care of the baby. 

This is in addition to taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally and as time goes by you also have to return to your prepregnancy way of life and deal with the daily demands of your job and work schedule before pregnancy and childbirth occurred.

The breast pump therefore becomes imperative when you add all these together and more especially if you have chosen to exclusively breastfeed your baby and you are a working mom, you will definitely need a pump that is designed with you in mind.

Breast pumps are an invaluable addition to motherhood and a welcome relief to a mother’s life post delivery as it helps to lighten the load on the mother as it helps to take care of the baby’s increasing milk requirements while the mother engaged in other activities. The value of a breast pump to a nursing mother is inestimable and for that a mother needs to be careful while making a decision as to the one to buy for the use of her baby.


Types of Breast Pump

There are different types of breast pumps with their varied advantages and disadvantages.

These are:

The point of care breast pumps

The hospital grade breast pumps.

Our review will focus attention on the point of care breast pumps as they are the ones that are specifically designed for use at home and hence are more in keeping with a nursing mom’s idea of a pump that is ideal for her postpartum situation. A pump that will be devoid of the stress and inhibitions to an excellent motherhood.

All breast pumps consist of 3 main parts:

The breast shield that attaches to the nipple to create a vacuum and suction pressure,

The pump

The milk container. 

The types of point of care breast pumps are:

Manual – The manual pump operates by you applying the shield to the nipple and manually pressing the pump to maintain vacuum and exert a sucking reflex that express milk from the breast onto the milk container

Battery powered – This is operated by a pump powered by batteries that are usually rechargeable. It may be single or double and is held by the hand, the nursing bra, breast pumping bra or a band.

Electric – The electric breast pump has cords attached to a power outlet connected to a motorized pump that creates suction to express milk from the breasts. It has one or more tubes leading from the breast shield to the electric pump and can be single or double.

The electric pump (battery or motorized pumps) do have controls to adjust the pumping pressures and hence exert measured force on the nipple during milk extraction.


Advantages of Breast Pump

Breast pump is an essential addition to a postpartum mother’s maternity kit.

It affords mothers the opportunity to store milk for latter use especially if there is less time available to breastfeed

It gives working moms the latitude to be able to return to work without denying their babies the nourishment and advantages that come with breastfeeding.

Mothers with twins will benefit immensely from Breast pump as it helps to supply more milk to the benefit of the babies

Preterm delivery is another occasion where the pump is extremely useful as babies are usually too weak to suckle at the nipple at this early age.

What to look for when buying a pump

Before you undertake the task of buying a pump, the following factors are what you will need to consider to be able to make a favorable buying decision.

Simple to assemble and use


Ease of maintenance

No or low risk of contamination with subsequent transmission of infection to the baby

Minimal movable parts or connections

Maintain good vacuum and suction pressure to extract milk from the breasts

Comfortable to use for the mother and causes no pain while in operation

Great even in emergency situation

Produce enough milk in a short duration of use

Enhanced mobility while in use.

Motherhood concerns about breast pump 

Is it painful to use ? A great breast pump should exert only a mild enough pressure on the nipples as does a suckling baby

Is it bad for the breasts ? Breast pumps are not bad for the breasts when used effectively and efficiently and as an adjunct to normal breastfeeding

Can it make breasts bigger ? The pumps don’t have any untoward effects of leading to bigger breasts or causing enlargement of the breasts and can actually reduce enlargement by discouraging incessant breast engorgement

Any long term consequences? There are no long term adverse consequences of use of breast pumps.


Wearable Breast Pumps are the real deal

The wearable breast pumps are the latest addition to the electric pump category of breast pumps and is made taking into consideration the advantages of the breast pumps noted above and more especially the freedom and mobility conferred to the mom by the use of wearable breast pumps. They are easy and simple to assemble and disassemble with few moving parts reducing the chance of getting contamination from the pump. They are less clumsy with no tubing and wiring like the classical electric pump. For any mother desiring a breast pump, the wearable breast pump makes for the ultimate buying decision.

Willow – For the Mobility Conscious Mom

Willow is the top of the range in the class of Wearable breast pump and there is a reason for that. It has been manufactured with the freedom and comfort of the nursing mom at the heart of its design and the efficiency of milk production and expression with it’s embedded sensors working in synergy with the willow app in mind. All this occurs with minimal noise distraction to its purpose as much as possible making its use undetectable to nearby individuals.



All the advantages mentioned for a top grade pump as above and in addition It is


Long lasting battery after a single charge and can go a whole day after charge.

In-bra pump with no bags and bottles popping out and hence can be used on the go and while engaging in any activity or sports.

Quiet, compact and noiseless design so can fit in any occasion unnoticed.

Smart sensors that detect milk letdown and automatically switch the pump to milk ejection mode.

Willow app that tracks milk production in real time




The willow is a relatively expensive breast pump but this cost is ameliorated by so many fantastic and innovative features ever seen in a pump

In addition

It is covered by insurance so check your eligibility

They offer financing through partnership with affirm to offer split and installmental payment plans. These are all efforts being undertaken to ensure that every mother is not denied the enjoyment of the benefits of the willow experience.



Willow is the first and only wearable breast pump that offers all-round mobility while pumping. It has unique features that any mom will cherish as it is leak and spill proof under any situation and stands out from the rest of the pack of wearable breast pumps. When you experience willow you experience total freedom.

Dr mawa


To your postnatal health and freedom.


  • Aly
    Posted October 20, 2021 5:28 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for sharing a comprehensive summary of what makes the best wearable breast pump. The technology is not something I’ve ever needed personally, so it’s helpful to read more and better understand the things that a breastfeeding mother will appreciate when using the device. This has been very helpful research as I shop for a baby shower gift for a very dear friend. Thank you!

  • Ann
    Posted October 21, 2021 12:14 am 0Likes

    I have already been convinced about the advantages of breast pumps. But your section on what to look for when we are buying them has been very useful. Thank you very much. I liked the idea of a wearable breast pump. And Willow seems to perform a great job. I will give it a try.

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